pathfinders for a zero emissions future

We are already living in a climate changed world, and indications are dire regarding changes to come. Yet (YET!) the most catastrophic impacts of climate change could still be avoided if humanity can rapidly transition towards zero emissions future.

Whilst I’m buffeted by despair and grief about the changes and see and those I dread, my grip on hope is strengthened by actions of people making positive change. These people may be activists, community organisers, or early adopters of innovative behaviours, systems or technologies. Or they may be all of these things or something else again.

In my work as a volunteer facilitator with Climate for Change I’ve often asked people to imagine a zero emissions future. This is the future we need to make a reality in the next 30 years if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change. Changes need to happen in many aspects of life: think transport, energy generation and food production, just for starters. It can be daunting!

So how can we get from the out-of-control, racing-towards-the-precipice feeling of now… to a future in which we’ve achieved zero net emissions (and hopefully are even drawing carbon out of the atmosphere to restore a safe climate)?

I believe that government leadership is crucial, and this is what my work with Climate for Change focusses on. I’ve started to realise, though, that individuals and local communities can act like search parties for a path while we’re lost in the swamp of government inaction.

So this blog is about individuals and local communities rolling up their sleeves to find (and sometimes beat) paths to a zero emissions future. Here I set out to share stories and connect people in purpose and hope. Maybe you will take a little inspiration and encouragement from it. You might send out a search party of your own.